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Saturday, November 10

12:00am PST

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Richard Lovett Reading Room 152Richard A. Lovett Kinetic Sculpture Races! Art Show: Art DemosMark Chapman Autograph Session: Saturday Noon Dealers: AutographsJess Hartley • Wendy N. Wagner Intro to RPG Storytelling FlandersTristan J. Tarwater • Danielle D.M. Gembala Costuming for Those Who Do Not Sew PendletonJane Campbell • Shoshana Glick • Laura McShane • Vincent Vaughn Dive Deep into Mermaid Costuming LovejoySiren Wicked • Siren Aja • Siren Naiya • Nadia Sahagian Making Custom Buttons, Medallions and Other Trinkets OvertonTheresa Halbert • Terena Bruno • Mark Chapman • Andrea Letourneau Unblocking your Writing PettygroveEM Prazeman • Mark Teppo • G.R. Theron Kitten Kaboodle: Make Cat Toys, Share Cat Joys! Room 256Ellen Klowden • Ann Ezell • Cindy Fangour • Katherine Klecker • Contessa Paxton Timmerman Game design & play for everyone: adjusting and planning for disabilities JantzenEamon Dixon • Cindi Lou Kunkle • Nioclas Smith Willing suspension of disbelief Room 166 BFrog Jones • Benja Barker • Jennifer Brozek • Kenneth Lett Sea and Star Chanteys TimberlineDr. Jessica Hebert • Creede Lambard • Christian Lipski • Alexandre Mu├▒iz • Andrew Ross Robots, Automatons and Devices White StagBart Kemper • Mark Niemann-Ross • Sean Robinson • Nisansa de Silva Writing Realistic Utopias Room 166 AArwen Spicer Magic(k)al Workshop Room 206Rhiannon Louve • David Lohkamp • Daimei Jaybird Marmaduke OryCon 41 Preregistration Hayden

12:30pm PST

1:00pm PST

1:30pm PST

2:00pm PST

Open Sketch Room 206andyvanoverberghe • Josie Ark • Paul Groendes • Vandy H. Hall • John R. Gray III Autograph Session: Saturday 2pm Dealers: AutographsElton Elliott • Nina Kiriki Hoffman • G. David Nordley Let's Talk SFWA PettygroveCat Rambo • Curtis C. Chen • Jim Fiscus • Mark Niemann-Ross Make up and wigs for mermaids Room 266Orchid Cavett • Siren Aja • Siren Wicked • Yl'luria What to Do Till Your Ship Comes In Room 166 AJohn Hedtke • Rory Miller • Steve Perry • Jeff Soesbe Intro to Fandom Quilting Room 256Contessa Paxton Timmerman • Ann Ezell • Andrea Letourneau • Nora Timmerman Impulsive Walrus Books Room 202Esther Jones • Frog Jones Gateway Games: RPGs JantzenLiz Argall • Gary Miller • Ethan Siegel • Rob Wynne Swordplay demonstration Mt. St. HelensJoseph Brassey All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again LovejoyJennifer Willis • Shoshana Glick Firearms in Fiction and GAMING White StagGuy Letourneau • Greg Hallock • Blaze Ward Political Economy For World-Builders OvertonA.M. Brosius • Brenda Cooper • Manny Frishberg • Stephanie L. Weippert Jam in the Key of R TimberlineDr. Mary Crowell • Cecilia Eng • Callie Hills • Adams Alexander James • Creede Lambard • Andrew Ross • Kris Wildman-UrthDiva Return Of The Frankenweenies! FlandersDanielle D.M. Gembala • Melissa Beeman • Tricia Diaz • Olivia D-C (Scarlet Noctus) World-Building: A Seminar on Writing - How to Start and Where to Go Room 166 BMatthew RR Morrese SCA Demo Tennis Court

2:30pm PST

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